Who is *Leegloo?

Léna Ignace, photo par ©Bastien Grivet
?  The photo was taken by Bastien Grivet: if you don't know his work…
What are you waiting for? It's so beautiful!

I’m starting a blog! I want to talk about a lot of things, but first… A presentation is needed.

Graphic designer, I am self-taught in drawing and sewing.
I mainly create handcrafted pencil cases and hand silkscreened pouches for artists who have a lot of brushes/pencils/markers to carry. ?
I throw myself into the adventure of craftsmanship, with nature as my greatest inspiration!

I also have a (great) hidden passion… The Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD)! Articulated and fully customizable collector’s dolls. I love to sew in small size! Some people asked me for t-shirts, unfortunately for them they are only available in very small sizes. ?
If you want to follow my dolls crafts, it will be mainly on the Instagram @lee_gloo!

A blog, but what for?

To talk to you about everything! To show you the process of creating a pattern, to show you how I do a custom order, screen printing, sewing, graphic design… I have a lot of things to say! ?

The blog format is very handy to share all this with you, and it will be tidier than on Instagram or by email.
If you want to be aware of new articles and updates of the store, I advise you to subscribe to the newsletter! ?

I discover and experiment as time goes by, I need to constantly improve my work, so don’t hesitate: I’m always open to criticism and advice!

Hands & Nature – Harmony

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