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What about customized pencil case?

Trousse pour artistes. Rouleau d'artiste artisnal. Customisable, personnalisable. Par Léna Ignace. Artist pencil case, handmade. Custom Luxe artist roll by Leegloo

At the moment, my passion is to sew kits (mainly to store art supplies) and I offer custom-made ones. Take the art supplies you love in a pencil case that represents you! Which style, which colors suits you the best? Let’s create a pencil case just like you: unique! ✨

Tailor-made pencil case, how does it go? I explain you everything!

1. Choose your fabrics

When ordering, tell me what style and colors suits you. Usually, I make you two propositions then we discuss to find THE perfect combination for you!

If you’re dreaming of a blue pencil case with dinosaurs (what, it’s just me?), now’s the time!

If the fabrics I have in stock don’t fit, no need to panic: I’ll search the internet and the stores to find you what you need.
There is also the possibility to make your kit with your own fabrics if they are adapted: you will get a small discount as you provide me with some of the material but you will have to pay for the shipping of the fabric to my home.
If you have a torn totebag or a small square of fabric that you love, I can make it part of your kit! Just avoid elastic or too fragile fabric. 🤗

2. Choose your pockets

We all use different types of pens, pencils, markers, brushes… We don’t have the same material when we draw outside: that’s why I propose you to customize the size of the pockets!
I mostly take pencils with me: my kit has almost only small pockets for part 2. I use the zipped part for my Posca markers! And my eraser and pencil sharpener fits in the pockets 3.

Choose what suits you the best! Predefined options are available, but don’t hesitate to contact me to find out what is doable or not. 😉

Luxe artist roll customization options
For part 1, it is even possible to add snaps buttons to keep the flap in place: great idea from Loup Joan!

3. Sewing in progress!

Once the fabrics are approved: it’s time to wash, iron, cut… and sew!

I have the sketch next to me and I try to be as vigilant as possible. But yes, it can happen that the pocket is finally 4.5 cm wide instead of 5…
Handmade makes each object totally unique, with its small flaws and especially its big dose of love!

Example of custom made Luxe Artist Roll.
This fabric combination will not be re-made, this roll is unique!

It’s a real pleasure to create something especially for someone, a toolkit in the colors of its artist!

I spend a lot of time choosing the fabrics: I have to be able to capture your tastes and your style, to be able to offer you fabric combinations that will make your eyes sparkle!
What’s really handy when I have your Instagram account is that I can perceive what you like through your designs! We all put a lot of heart into our illustrations, we don’t always see our own style in our work, yet it’s there and it says a lot about what we like. 💙