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Valentine’s Day: stationery and cute animals to spread love.

Saint Valentin broche sérigraphiée artisanale avec des animaux mignons.

Discover my little Valentine’s Day collection! 5 special brooches with pockets to share sweet words, take them everywhere and small assorted cards. ❤️

Let me take you behind the scenes. There is only one of each brooch available on the website. But don’t hesitate to message me: perhaps I still have some in stock at the creators’ shop Folies Douces in Lyon (France). 

✏️ Idea, sketch and final drawing

The steps are very similar to my silkscreen printed pouches.
First we doodle, search, test, doodle again… My sheets are full of ideas!

I first started with a cat, a dog and a rabbit (remember my Christmas pattern?). Then, I made a koala (which was supposed to be a joke at the beginning) and a hamster. I liked them a lot so I expanded the collection.

Once I like the sketches and my pocket tests are conclusive, I finalize them in vector (you don’t know what is it? Come have a look at this article.)

🖌 Screen printing with a vinyl stencil

My drawings are quite simple, so I decide to do them directly at home: with a vinyl stencil sticked on my mesh screen. I cut the vinyl with my cutting machine, I remove the parts that don’t interest me, I take out my paint, my fabric and here we go!

It’s a technique that allows me to make very small series and avoid certain steps that I can’t do at home. I think I will soon be able to propose totally personalized designs, so if you want to know if I can make the design of your dreams, send me a little message!

Sérigraphie d'animaux mignons pour créer des broches, spécial Saint Valentin
Vinyl stencil.

✂️ Sewing brooches

I didn’t take pictures of the sewing part, but I can tell you one thing: the longest part is sewing the pins. I have different felt backs: most of them have simple white felt, but some of the patterns are paws or polka dots.

The small pocket allows you to slip a sweet note, a little accessory, a cheat sheet for school or a minty candy for a fresh kiss. Perfect!

Saint Valentin broche sérigraphiée artisanale
Brooches with pockets to spread cute messages on Valentine’s Day.

✨ Assorted Valentine’s Day cards

After hours and hours of prototyping, testing, errors and trials and fails… That’s it, my cards are finally ready. The version with gold foil will be available in the Folies Douces store in Lyon. As I have very few of them and they are all different, it’s better to choose them in real life. BUT a version without foil is available on the webshop, with a beautiful « sun dust » paper.

📸 Pictures of the collection

Let’s go for the pictures! I enjoyed a rare ray of sunshine and some confettis leftover. It’s not easy to take well-lit pictures in winter.

Saint Valentin broche sérigraphiée artisanale
Cute animals ready to spread some love letters, special Valentine’s Day brooches with pockets.
Broches à poches faites à la main pour la Saint Valentin
Brooches with pockets, you can hide messages in it!
Cartes de Saint Valentin avec animaux mignons en foil
Valentine’s Day cards, the message is hidden by cute animals. Gold foil.
Cartes de Saint Valentin avec animaux mignons en foil
Gold foil Valentine’s Day cards, with cute animals on it.
Cartes de Saint Valentin avec animaux mignons, letterpress
Cute animals are holding your message on Valentine’s Day cards.
Cartes de Saint Valentin avec animaux mignons, letterpress
Valentine’s Day cards, the message is hidden by cute animals.