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A handmade and unique Christmas

Animaux Biscuits Mignons, Motifs Noël 2020 - Cute cookies animals.

This year, more than ever, think about the creators and small businesses near you!
Some of them offer customs orders, small series, which respect the environment and which do not exist in supermarkets… Something that will please the lucky person who will receive your gift but not only.

By buying small, you allow someone to live from their passion, to pay their bills… But also to buy a handmade gift to a fellow designer and create a beautiful chain of love!

With the holidays, the postal services are very busy so I encourage you to look at the creators near you: it will arrive faster, you can even get it directly at the store.

Also, if you want to share with me your favorite artist, write a comment, I love to discover new people to follow!
Let me show you the little things I’ve prepared for the end of the year. 👀

Handmade with a lot of love

I have a new friend in the workshop: a printer! Thanks to it, I can now offer you stickers and prints made to order. This allows me to better manage small quantities and have more flexibility in my planning.

Holiday Collection

Do you have a holiday tradition? I’m from Alsace (France) and for me it’s only really Christmas when my mom sent me a box full of bredala, absolutely delicious little biscuits.

I present you my collection of cookiesanimals for this strange Christmas!
They are available in several shapes: the traditional greeting card, a pack of three stickers and hand screen printed pouches. For the moment, there are only 4 Christmas pouches available, but if all goes well I should be able to make some more (in green and red) in a few weeks.

Cats Stamps restock

Cats Stamps are coming back in two colors for the end of the year: blue and purple. This will be the last restock of 2020 for this design, unfortunately it’s complicated for me to screen print them at home!
If you want to discover the making of these pouches at the silkscreen workshop, it’s in this article.

A customized creation

Objects that reflect the personality of their owner, the absolute dream for me! I love that « it was made for me » feeling when I come across a creation, commissioning local designers and creators for unique works, spending hours (and days) imagining the perfect gift for someone… 🎁

Creators often have more orders than usual in this period and the time for creation, manufacturing and shipping are extended: I advise you to get ahead of time for personalized and/or custom gifts!

Stickers with your cat on them

It’s a new product in my store: personalized stickers! At the moment there are only cats, but of course I don’t forget the dogs nor the rabbits… But unfortunately they will be for next year.

Tailor-made pencil case

You have an artist in your friends or family and would like to offer her/him a unique kit to carry their art material? I now offer gift cards on the store, you can also directly buy the personalized pencil case of your choice and explain me in the order’s comment who it is for! The lucky person will just have to come back to me by email or on social networks. 🤗

I hope I gave you some ideas! And if you can’t financially support your favorite artisans, you can help by make them known around you by loving, commenting and sharing their creations. 💙 You don’t necessarily think about it, but it counts a lot to know that someone likes your work!

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