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Tiger collection

My original interchangeable pencil case has been transformed into a Tiger. Part of the proceeds were donated to the Poh Kao association.

🐾 A unique and practical pencil case, with a roll in the shape of an animal and a separable inner part.
A new inner part model has been launched: Crayons Luxe, in addition to the Crayons and Zipped parts.
Repairable, detailed, handmade, you can discover the collection on the blog.

🐯 Vector illustrations and patterns, mixing tiger and food, screen-printed by hand.

🧵 Sewing of the pencil cases in my workshop.

🤝 Matching goodies: collaboration with artists to create unique brooches and earrings.

🎨 Social networks: creating posts, stories and videos to communicate around this new collection, in addition to the newsletter.
The white tigers sold out in just 2 days.