Running a business: from sketching to manufacturing through communication and administration.

❄️ Why a snowflake?
I'm from Alsace (East of France) and studied in the south of France. Even though I love the sun, I missed the snowflakes during the winter and snow days are always a real joy for me.

For the environment. Snow and ice are precious and disappear too quickly. I am a nature lover, I do my best in my everyday life (and in my business) to be in accordance with my values and with the planet.

Finally, it's for the uniqueness of my creations. I make everything by hand, and even in my small collections there are differences and details that make my objects one of a kind.

This little snowflake also acts as a little asterisk. It has things to say, because I do lots of things! Between graphic design, drawing, screen printing, sewing and crafting... I love to touch everything and share my passions.

✏️ The background changes throughout the year: the snowflake remains the central element of my identity, but I have the freedom to change the mood of my account for different times of the year (red and hearts for Valentine's Day, for example). This way I remain recognizable on social networks.

📅 Rhythm on social networks: 3 publications per week including a video.
On Tuesdays, I take polls in my stories to engage my community. Their answers inspire me for the following week's content. On Thursday, I publish a behind-the-scenes video. On Saturday, it's a more traditional post (product presentation, new illustration, etc).

✉️ A monthly bilingual newsletter: about a new blog post, the launch of a new collection or for more detailed behind-the-scenes. All of my products are one-of-a-kind or very small runs, so subscribers get advance notice.

📍A physical store: since February 2021, my creations are at the collective store Folies Douces in Lyon..
We are 9 creators to share the space and to hold shifts every month. I am in contact with customers, I sell for others and for myself.
I participate in the realization of the windows and I also manage the social networks of the store.