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Since I finished my studies in 2015, my job has changed a lot.
Initially "just" a print and web graphic designer and illustrator, I was already combining 3 jobs at the same time.

📒 During my training, I learned to create and execute. This means that I don't just create template pages to give the graphic intentions of a catalogue: I also execute the rest of the pages according to the established guidelines.
My files are clean and carefully thought out to make the work of the entire graphics chain easier.

📱 I've seen the arrival of mobile applications, the UI/UX designer profession and the boom of interfaces.
I created webdesigns adapted to different devices. Until a few years ago, I coded certain parts myself in HTML and CSS.
Today, although I seem to have moved away from this part of the job, I am an interface consultant for an independent video game studio and I train young people in the fundamentals of web layout.

👋 Thanks to the solid knowledge I've acquired through my training and experience, I'm able to manage my content for social networks in a more professional way.
Clients have trusted me to manage theirs and teach them the basics of community management.

So where am I now?
❄️ Print and web designer, illustrator, teacher, community manager, screen printer and seamstress.
In addition to my work as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, I'm now a creator and teacher.

🎨 I combine my passions to create original accessories, unique or in small series.
I take care of everything: researches and sketches, prototypes, final designs, hand screen printing, sewing, communication and packaging.

🧵 Constantly on the lookout for ways to improve, I seek criticism from fellow  graphic designers, illustrators and game artists.
Working with motion designersI use 2D animation to add life to my visuals.
I have my creations checked by professional seamstresses.

💻 I teach young people aged 12 to 18 the basics of my profession at the TUMO center.
I run 16 hours workshops (spread over 4 weeks) and develop adapted pedagogical content.
Thanks to my technical skills, I can teach my students the most effective tools and allow them to complete their project in the allocated time, even if they don't know the software.