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Logofolio 2019

Different visual identities and their researches.

🐠 Orchidée Corallienne, miniature sculptor and illustrator. A logo with a delicate touch, containing illustrations.

✒️ Dragon Synodique, miniature wig designer. The logo features two dragons forming the infinity sign.

🐾 La Chatterie de la Vallée Gerudo needed a logo that reflected the cattery's image: peaceful, featuring a cat and its kitten.

⛵️ La petite voilerie de la Hume wanted to feature a sailing boat on the sea in their logo. Their workshop is in the Arcachon bay, which I highlighted in my other proposals.

🤲 Élodie Guerra, a dietician who encourages well-being, really appreciated my graphic design and illustration work for LeBootCamp. She wanted a gourmet logo filled with drawn elements.