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Lemur collection

Creation of a complete collection based around the ring-tailed lemur. Part of the proceeds were donated to the Impact Madagascar charity.

🐠Realization of a brand new concept of pencil cases with animal-shaped rolls with interchangeable parts.
3 models for the launch: the lemur Roll, the interchangeable Pencil part and the Zipped part.
Repairable and detailed, you can discover the full presentation on the blog..

🐚 Vector illustrations and patterns are hand screen printed on fabric.

☀️ Sewing of the pouches in my workshop.

🌴 Matching goodies: recycled paper notepads with climate-neutral printing from an ecologically-minded European supplier.
Stickersheets (printing and cutting in my workshop).

🌼 Social networks: creation of posts, stories, to communicate around this new collection.
Almost all of the interchangeable pencil cases were sold in two days.