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Custom board games

Illustration and layout for two unique board games inspired by Spot It (published by Asmodée).
The principle of this fun game is that one and only one symbol in common between each card, and you have to find it as quickly as possible!

🐾 Research phase to understand how to recreate the concept of a single symbol.

🎨 Creation of 50 illustrations and two patterns. Each game contains 31 unique drawings, the two sets have a few designs in common.

✏️ Preparation and layout of the cards and their backs for professional printing.

🥨 Reworking of the official logo by inverting two letters, to recreate a bad "counterfeit" effect in addition to referring to the Alsatian word meaning "idiot" .

📘 Layout and formatting of the game rules, including the 7 official mini-games and redrawing the original diagrams.

🎬 Video shooting and documentation for social networks. This project was much appreciated: part 1 was viewed over 49,000 times, saved over 750 times and following this series of 6 short videos, my account gained over 500 followers in just a few days.