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Leegloo x Yëtitia, handmade brooch・€12.50

DESIGNED BY YËTITIA: a unique collab' for the new Tiger collection!
A cute chonky tiger with a little bun on its head.

Colors available: 
・Blue on blue fabric
・Purple on blue/green fabric
・Purple on grey fabric
・Orange on green fabric
・Orange on white fabric
・Orange on brown/grey fabric
・Brun on white fabric
・Black on grey fabric

For each brooch purchased, €1,5 is donated to POH KAO. You can discover the association's actions on l’association POH KAO. You can discover the association's actions on

The brooch size is 7,5 cm average.

The screen printing technique allows great freedom in terms of colors and support: the pieces of fabric used for the brooches are mainly from my scraps and the colors vary from one animal to another.
Keep in mind that these are handcrafted, handmade items, size and appearance may vary slightly from item to item.
Colors may differ slightly from reality depending on screen settings.

the brooches can be washed at 30 ° (remove the pin if you can), put them in a delicate laundry net (a fabric bag or pillowcase will do if you can close them).
 Do not put them in the dryer.