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Mix & match pencil cases : new design 🐯

In the interchangeable pencil case family, I ask for the tiger! But what is an interchangeable pencil case? How do you use it? Come and discover my new collection!

Last year, I designed and sewed lots of lemurs. What’s better than the tiger for the 2022 collection?

A handmade collection, from start to finish

From the first sketch to the sewing and the screen-printing, not to mention the material, I did everything myself, favoring as much as possible the merchants near my home.

The orange fabric of the Tigers rolls comes from the fabric store, the others come from my stock (that’s why most of the pieces are unique or in very small series). The zippers come from a solidarity store in Lyon.

I do the screen printing in the workshop Unique en Série. You can learn more about this printing technique here.

The design and the manufacturing are entirely done by me, at home. From start to finish, I make everything. As usual, quantities are extra limited and each piece is unique!

I know there was some disappointment when I announced that I had no more lemurs left and that I wasn’t going to make another batch: I thought I had communicated the limited/small run aspect of my collections better. I made a larger quantity of Tigers this year, there are 11 in total (compared to 7 for the lemurs). It doesn’t sound like much, but I can assure you that the time and attention I put into these Tigers was huge! 🤗

A pouch that fits everyone: a roll and an inner part that can be changed.

To adapt this original kit to your material, just unbutton the inside and change it! Notebook, pencils, markers, brushes, charcoals, make-up or even a toothbrush: you can put everything in it and change it according to your desires.

A roll that fits everywhere

After the success of the Lemurs collection (practically everything was gone in 2 days! 😱) I decided to continue this original and new pencil case model. I hope to release one collection a year! Just one collection, but one that is quite full on my own scale: with rolls, inserts and matching goodies.

For the Tiger roll, I saw things a bit bigger with a more intricate design and two different colors. Did you see his paws? So cute!

3 models of interior parts to change your pencil case… without really changing it

The strength of the inner parts is their modularity: you can put them in any direction, to roll the Tiger as you prefer and to protect your material in the best way. Oh, and they are compatible with all animal rolls: if you adopted a Lemur last year, you can offer him a Tiger insert without any problem!

There are currently 3 models of inner parts available: Zipped, Crayons and Crayons Luxe. They are all unique, I don’t have two identical ones!

Last year, all the Crayons parts were sold out. They were the ones that went out the fastest! So they are part of this year’s catalog, with an exclusive TigerFood pattern. They have lots of pockets to put our favorite pencils, markers, brushes!

The new 2022 model is the Crayons Luxe part: a zipped part has been added to the Crayons part. You can put even more material in it! As for the Zipped parts, the zippers come from the solidarity store Bric à brac: their sales contribute to help the most vulnerable people in Lyon and surroundings. Second-hand material for solidarity!

I still have a few Zipped parts with the LemurFood pattern left. Compatible with Lemurs and Tigers, they have a coated interior: perfect for dirty or wet equipment, like makeup brushes, charcoal, tank brushes, paint… I’ll let you discover it in more detail on last year’s article.

The exclusive pattern of 2022: TigerFood

Last year, it was LemurFood. This year, it’s the tigers that I’m turning into food for a good cause! I had a lot of fun with the gradients again, it’s really my favorite thing to do with screen printing.

No screen printed pouch planned this time, but I kept a few scraps of fabric to try out smaller, less expensive accessories… I have a phone pouch in my idea pile. We’ll see if it works!

Exclusive collaborations

I was totally caught short on time… I would have loved to do some nice highlights and surprises on the social medias before the launch of the collection to show you these collaborations. I’ll do better next year. 😅

This year, I decided to surround myself with two artists I admire to create original goodies.

A brooch designed by Yëtitia

I’ve been following Yëtitia‘s work for several years now: her adorable style and the way she draws food is everything I love! It was an obvious choice for me to propose her a collaboration for this collection. I present to you her chonky tiger, with a little burger on its head. 🐯

I made the brooches in a very small batch: the illustration was screen printed on my fabric scraps. So much cuteness!

You can find Yëtitia’s work on her instagram and website.

Wooden jewelry made by Graines de Soleil

I met Virginie from Graines de Soleil at the Folies Douces boutique, when I was selling my creations there. I immediately fell in love with her style and her jewelry! I absolutely had to propose her to make a common realization.

She realizes everything by hand, she redesigned my patterns on the wood. There are three designs to choose from: TigerTaco 🌮, PretzelTiger 🥨 and BurgerTiger 🍔, for symmetrical earrings… Or asymmetrical!

These earrings will soon be available directly at Graines de Soleil’s online store. They are made to order. You can find Virginie’s work on her instagram.

The association that helps tigers : Poh Kao

As with the lemurs, I donate a portion of each piece of the collection to an association that helps our precious tigers. This year, I decided to partner with Poh Kao, Tigers and Men: their global approach and achievements impressed me. There is an article available on their website, which summarizes their actions over the last 12 months.

I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that last year, the Lemurs collection allowed me to donate 60 € to the Impact Madagascar association. On my scale, this is absolutely huge! 🤯