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Video games lovers

Video game studio Seele Games trusted me with their Save The Date and specially-designed pattern for their wedding.

🎮 A unique design featuring 12 icons.
Specialised in iPhone and Apple Watch games, I used their core business in my icons: there's their logo, the connected watch with the Pocket Bandit game, the phone with the date of their union, the sword and crown from The Knight Watch game. The pen and stylus represent Céline: an outstanding game artist. For Dimitri, a game designer with inexhaustible ideas, it's waffles (and the pen too). For the couple, it's consoles, controllers, role-playing dice... And wedding rings!

💍 The bride and groom's illustration, which was printed on the invitation and guest book.

The announcement card, featuring the illustration of the bride and groom and their pattern.

✂ About twenty personalised pouches for the bachelorette party, featuring the bride and groom's pattern.